Pearl Studs


Crafted with genuine pearls and a durable metal setting, these classic and timeless earrings offer elegance and enduring style. Meticulously handmade with attention to detail, they are comfortable to wear and a popular choice for their affordable luxury.

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Material: The Pearl Studs are crafted with high-quality materials, featuring genuine pearls set in a durable metal setting, providing a luxurious and enduring finish.

Design: These studs boast a classic and timeless design, showcasing carefully selected pearls renowned for their luster and uniformity. The design prioritizes comfort, making them perfect for everyday wear.

Handmade: Each pearl stud is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship, resulting in a unique and exquisite piece.

Easy to clean: The pearls and metal setting are easy to clean and maintain, requiring only a gentle wipe with a soft cloth to keep them looking their best.

Affordable: The Pearl Studs offer an affordable option for those who desire the elegance of pearls, making them accessible to a wide range of customers without compromising on quality or style.

Popular: These pearl studs are a popular choice among jewelry enthusiasts, appreciated for their timeless beauty and versatility, making them a sought-after accessory for various occasions.

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