Shambho Devotional Painting


Crafted from high-quality wood, this plate features a mesmerizing painting of Lord Shiva, meticulously created by skilled artisans. With its symbolic representation and versatile display options, it can be used as a captivating wall decor piece or showcased on a stand for various settings and occasions. The handcrafted nature of the painting adds an authentic touch to this divine artwork.

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Material : The plate is made of high-quality wood, carefully selected for its durability, smooth surface, and ability to hold intricate paintings

Divine Painting : The centerpiece of the plate is a mesmerizing painting of Lord Shiva, created with meticulous attention to detail and artistic expression.

Handcrafted : The painting on the wooden plate is skillfully handcrafted by talented artisans who specialize in traditional art forms.

Symbolism : The painting represents the divine attributes and symbolism associated with Lord Shiva.

Versatile Display : The wooden plate can be displayed in various settings and occasions. It can be showcased as a wall decor piece, placed on a stand.

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